I am based in Hertfordshire in the United Kingdom.

I first became interested in computer programming in the early 1980s when the ZX Spectrum, BBC Micro and Amstrad CPC were popular home computers. In those days a typical computer would have 32K of RAM and most programs were loaded from cassette tape.

Some projects I have undertaken over the years include
  • Visualization of Fitbit activity tracker data via REST API
  • Software to control manufacture of parts using CNC Machine tools
  • MIDI sequencing software
  • Extraction of EXIF from images
  • Analysis of GPX file contents
  • Microsoft SQL Server data Import/Export utilities using various data formats
  • Expression compilation and evaluation using reverse polish notation
  • Translation of specialist program code to intermediate tokenised format which is then interpreted at runtime
  • Technical review of ASP.NET books prior to publication
  • Beta testing of third party software prior to general release
  • Microsoft MCP certification
Experience of various development languages including
  • Microsoft VB.NET/ASP.NET and C#.NET languages v1.x and above.
  • Microsoft SQL server versions 2000 and above
  • Java Development using IBM websphere portal and application server
  • Alpha 5 version 9, 10, 11 and 12 (Web applications)
  • DBase II, DBase Plus
  • Borland Pascal, Delphi 1,2 and 7
  • Borland C++ (Dos applications)
  • Microsoft Visual Basic versions 4,5 and 6
  • TAS Professional a 4GL application programming language for creating programs to access data stored in Codebase client/server DBF format
My Portfolio